Political Correctness

My son, who lives in Asia, sent me an audio recording of someone who was speaking her mind. She’s from an Asian country, and I was surprised at how freely she spoke her thoughts.
It used to be that way in my country. Here is my reply to his sending me her audio recording. I won’t put the recording here because I don’t want to read the comments that I’d see, if I did. Used to, Americans could say what they truly thought. Now . . . we bite our tongues so much, it’s a wonder they still function.
To his comments about her refresing lack of PC and my sadness at what my country has done to freedom of speech . . . I told him:
lol! That’s another thing I like about Trump. He says we don’t have time to be PC. I think PC came about to cause people to self censor themselves and to take away our freedom of speech .. . we used to be stronger and able to tolerate insults more . . . “consider the source” was the phrase someone would use when being insulted . . . it didn’t matter . . . the person saying it wasn’t important enough to care about . . . now we all run around screaming “I’m offended!” at everything. Well, guess what . . . who really cares? Let me stop this rant. She sounded like she’d had a drink, but maybe they are more able to say what they want to in Asia than we can over here. We’re not a free country over here. or land of the free; If you try to better your lot in life, you end up shackled by student debt . We now have our artistocrats and anyone else, short of winning the lottery, cannot advance much in life. We are peasants, who have been taught to keep our mouths shut, share what little we have, and try to feel good about it.
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