President Donald J. Trump

Donald J. Trump won the election for President last night. His acceptance speech was very gracious to Hillary Clinton and he continued with his hope for the future that America can become the land she once was for Americans.

For those who do not know, seeing homeless people sleeping on the streets was not part of the America I knew. Seeing people “dumpster dive” to have food to eat was not even imagined.

Donald J. Trump wants to bring jobs back, promote law and order and secure our borders. As we watch videos of people calling themselves refugees (most are strong healthy men; why didn’t they stay in their country and fight?) . . . but as we watch them overtaking Europe in posted videos, and as we struggle to take care of everyone in America, including those who came over the southern border illegally, America needs to do some serious soul searching.

America was great in the past because there was not so much hunger or homelessness. People who wanted to work could find jobs. Police were respected and citizens didn’t take to the street to demolish businesses when things didn’t go their way.

There was often peace in our land.

To me, that is the America Donald J. Trump hopes for us to return to.

Anyone, who does not support him and who clings to the idea that he doesn’t represent them, should listen to his acceptance speech. Give the man a chance. Give America a chance to recover from years of neglect. We all have a job to do. One of them is facing this day and every day with renewed hope and a positive outlook.

President Donald J. Trump’s Acceptance Speech


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