Electoral Votes

My youngest son just sent me an audio recording of someone talking about the electoral votes and how it prevents your vote from being counted. Guess what. When I was in school – when they actually taught stuff relevant to life in school instead of relevant to test questions on some test designed to see if you’d learned whatever concepts they thought you should learn – but when I was in school, we learned about electoral votes. I don’t know why my son thinks I need to listen to some hyped up, excited man explain to me how it’s not fair.

The time to change the laws of our land is not when they affect you; it’s when you are level-headed and can get enough steam from others to support you. What we have now is Electoral Votes. What I see is a spoiled generation who is so used to getting their way that they think if they scream and holler and break enough things, they can change the outcome of anything.

Guess what. When President Elect Trump gave his speeches and told us what he was all about, one of his main points was Law and Order! In the previously Great America, we were taught as children that your freedom ends where mine begins. In other words, if I’m trying to drive to WORK and you get in my way because you are illegally protesting, you get arrested. I get to go to work.

I think today’s young people have heard the word “illegal” before the word “aliens” until they don’t truly understand what it means. If illegal means against the law and punishable by the law, why are we harboring and assisting illegal aliens? That was another of Trump’s campaign points. We should not be harboring and assisting illegal anything. Where does it stop? If someone robs a bank and I hide him/her . . . am I no longer held accountable?

I’ve watched this country become a place I did not recognize in my lifetime. We used to value law and order. It kept most of us safe. We valued knowing about rules and laws and tried to follow them. We knew about the Electoral College long before some media writer, who wants to keep the Hillary supporters churned up, decided to write about how Hillary could still get in the White House.

No. You don’t change the rules in the middle of the game. All these video playing youngsters of today, for many of them have never grown up, should know that. It’s not fair, and it’s not done. It’s just another shot in their arm to keep them having their tantrums so the media, who is lost without the past drama of the election, can have something exciting to write about.

I appreciate my son sharing the audio with me, but I did not listen to the whole thing because it was only five minutes long and within the first minute, the hyped up voice was telling me how unfair the Electoral College is. Well, then change it for the NEXT election. We’re in the middle of a game, dear children, and the rules don’t change during it. You know that.

And quit setting things on fire and acting like you don’t have good sense, before President Trump is sworn in, because he will restore law and order and you will be put in jail.

My youngest son does share many videos/audios with me that are very interesting and that often have points of view I’m not familiar with. After reading about all the protests and how the poor dears are so upset they can’t take their midterm exams, etc. . . , and seeing videos of disgruntled Hillary supporters setting things on fire, I was in no mood to listen to what sounded like somebody on steriods complaining about the Electoral Votes. Folks should have known about Electoral votes when they went and voted. It’s not a new concept. Read. Study. Educate yourself, if you school fails to do it. Understand how things work and if you disagree, try to change it when it’s not relevant to a current situation.



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