Not Worth My Time?

I’m beginning to view some people as not worth my time. I wonder if that’s a good thing or a bad thing? Am I becoming a snob?

Or am I just realizing how little time I may have left on this earth and how many things I haven’t done yet that I’ve wanted to do?

I see some people who have ideas and attitudes that seem wrong to me. In the past I would take the time to argue with them and try to persuade them to see my point of view. Once in awhile, I’d end up seeing theirs. Now? It’s not worth my time to try to change someone else’s opinion. It’s a hard thing to do, and they don’t always appreciate it. I have other things I could be doing.

Time seemed so plentiful just a few years ago. Now I wonder how much longer I have on this earth.

I’ve already lived fourteen years longer than my mother lived. I still miss her. I was 28 when she died and it was horrible.

I look at my sons and wonder how much more I need to do to help them live the lives they want to live? They seem to be doing all right by themselves.

I have things I want to finish writing.

I have pets I want to enjoy. Two of them are old and I wonder who will go first; me or them? Then there’s the young one and I’m counting on my sons to take care of her if she outlives me.

I’m tired. I’m extra tired today. The state of North Carolina is on fire – at least the western portion of it – and the smoke has made it this far. I have lung issues and have been kept exhausted by all the smoke I’ve inhaled today. I would stay inside, but my dogs insist they still need to go out from time to time – smoke or no smoke.

I made a pot of homemade soup.I like to create and making the soup was fun today.  One good thing is I’ve shopped frequently for the last two weeks and have plenty of food. I don’t plan to go anywhere until I can breathe freely again.

I’m not even sure where I’d want to go, if I went anywhere. Would a trip be worth my time?

Right now going to bed sounds like the best idea in the world, but it’s late. I already took a nap today. I hated sleeping and napping when I was younger. I might miss something. Now I don’t care if I miss something. If it’s important, it will still be there when I wake up.

If it’s not, well, it was probably not worth my time anyway.



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