Facebook is beginning to bore me. I make comments and sometimes others reply back, and they will belabor the point until all I hear are their words like trumpets blaring in my ears, and I abandon my discourse with them.

Many times their repeated questions have been “asked and answered” as they say in court. I’m not a dead horse. Why do they continue to beat me?

The only thing left on Facebook of value to me are some of the games which I play during commercials as I watch TV on my monitor.

There was a time when Facebook was light hearted and a pleasure to read. Now everyone is so up in arms about so many causes and concerns that none of us will ever truly agree on. Folks attack you, if you dare to disagree with something they posted . . . not anything they designed themselves, but some commercialized version of something that sounds good to them. I wonder if they ever stop and truly analyze what they are purporting?

I try to drop people, places and things that upset me. I’m too old for the aggravation and know that’s what much of it only is. Trolls trying to troll the trolls. Enough already!

I’m too old for this and will limit Facebook like I limit so many other things in my life. A loner? Antisocial? Introvert? I’m sure if you can’t think of a word you’d like to label me with, someone on facebook will have one.

I hate walking away. I hate sayng “I’m done,” but I am. Alas, poor Facebook! I knew you.



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