Research With Google

I was in Walmart today. I stopped in the pet food aisle and had a hard time getting to the dog food cans I wanted because two sets of parents and their children were standing in that aisle with their carts and they were talking.

I couldn’t help but over-hear them. They certainly acted like they weren’t trying to keep what they were discussing secret. They actually acted proud of it.

It seems both sets of parents have problems with their children’s behavior. As one set boasted of how many prescriptions their son took . . . “He starts his day with Zoloth, and they give him something else at lunchtime at school . . . ” I watched the boy, who looked to be teen-aged, squirm and try to make himself as small as possible. The other set of parents were talking about their daughter. She looked more like a ten year old and was very active. The more they talked about her behavior, the more she jumped around.

I felt sorry for the children. I wondered if the parents even knew the side effects or long term effects of the medicines they seemed so proud of?

Every time a doctor prescribes something new for me, I go to google and type in the name of the drug and read about it. If either of those sets of parents did that, they might hesitate to give their children all those drugs.

I’ve had several bad experiences with and because of doctors. That in itself is enough to cause me to double-check what they tell me and what they prescribe.

I almost told the parents of the teen-age boy to quit talking for a minute and LOOK at how they were making him feel! I’d need drugs too, if my parents stood in Walmart and discussed my prescriptions for the whole world to hear.

Maybe all the child needs is some attention and someone to ask, “Why do you act like that?” Often there’s a reason, and no amount of drugs can fix it. Listening might.

Certainly talking loudly about what prescriptions your child is taking while s/he’s standing there being stared at, is an indication that you need to do something more than shove pills at your child.

It felt like almost a contest of whose kid behaved the worst and how many prescriptions (their terms) each one took. My heart is still heavy and I can’t figure out anything I could have done to help either child.





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