Dangers of Technology

Everything seems to be “Smart” these days, except people. Smart Phones, Smart Tablets, Computers are Smart . . . you can get answers to any question you have on the computer. You can even use a machine to show you how to go somewhere. GPS . . . we’ll take you there . . . unless the streets have changed or it’s been programmed wrong.

Programming. Who tells the computers and the smart phones, etc. what’s what? People.

If the right (wrong?) people do the programming, everything can be brought to a screeching halt. Everything can be forgotten or lost or misinformed – on purpose.

Humans have given up exercising their brains by exercising metal and plastic “smart things” that do their thinking for them.

I had heard that the brain is a muscle. I went to google to check on this fact. The brain is an organ, but it has muscle like properties. Here, read it for yourself:


The less we “exercise” or use our brains, the less they are valuable to us.

Eventually with all this “smart” talk about machines, and the complexity with which these machines are programmed, the less humans will use their own brains and the more they’ll need the machines.

Eventually everything you need or want to know will be told to you by a machine – whether it’s the truth or not.



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