Why Didn’t You Listen the First Hundred Times?

Food Lion is currently being boycotted by me. I may never return. I’ve written about the problems in their stores before.

CVS, who was my drugstore for years, also is no longer a member of my consumer family. It’s funny that I wrote time after time about how CVS employees treated me and the problems I had with their store and no one cared. I’d still go in, after filing a complaint,  and could see them getting ready to torment me. My prescription had not been filled, even though the email/text had said it was ready for pickup. Or it had been filled with four pills and the rest of my order would be in day after tomorrow. I’d need to come back for those. Or the doctor hadn’t called in the prescription yet, although it was yesterday when he was to call it in and when I called his office, he said he HAD called it in, but he’d do it again. . .

I always felt like the employees saw me as some kind of joke. From time to time I suffer anxiety, and somethings others might shrug off truly upset me. If you ever let anyone with little power see your weaknesses, they tend to exploit it, as that’s the only power they have or ever will have.

So I’d go in to CVS, get upset, come home and fill out a complaint form online. I’d be assured my comments mattered and that they would be “looked into”. Then the next time I went – and I went frequently, for I had many health problems in recent years – I’d endure the same kind of cavalier, we don’t care, who are you, and ha, ha, ha . . . treatment I’d just complained about.

Finally one day I received a flyer from Rite Aid in the mail. They would give me 2500 Plenti Points for any transferred prescription. I called the store to find out what Plenti Points were. They equal shopping dollars. 2500 equals $25 in store credit. So, if I transfer my prescriptions from CVS, I get to buy $25 worth of Rite Aid merchandise without paying anything? Sweet. I told the woman on the phone that I had about 30 prescriptions to transfer. She said I could only do two at a time. $50 in store credit? I’d be right in.

It turned out that I didn’t transfer all my prescriptions. I stopped needing some of them. But I did transfer a few and it felt so good to do it.

Then I began to get letters in the mail from CVS. They wanted me to come back. They told me glorious things they would do, if I came back with my prescriptions.

I told my son, who has worked for health insurance companies, what I’d done. I was so proud of the $25 in-store credit I got just by leaving a nasty acting place for one who appeared to value me. “Mom,” he said, “Drugs are expensive. When you transfer a prescription, you are giving that drugstore far more money than they’re giving you.” Yes, but they are giving me peace of mind and I enjoy walking into Rite Aid. I would tense up at CVS as I parked my car.

Rite Aid has, on a time or two, apologized for not having my prescription ready, or not having quite enough pills to completely fill one, but they make me feel like they care. That’s all I wanted from CVS. The employees in their prescription department in my small town acted like I was some kind of diversion to them when I walked in and they seemed to smirk and enjoy any problems they could cause me.

Now their headquarters, who received numerous complaints from me want me to come back. No. They should have listened to me the first hundred times I contacted them. Why would I go to that hell again when I have finally escaped it?

I’m feeling the same way about Food Lion. Maybe instead of writing to the headquarters or making complaints, I just need to stop going to places that I truly hate to go to for whatever reason. I’m sure Food Lion will continue on without me, as has CVS. However, I will continue on better without them, and my dollars will be spent elsewhere.



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