The Devaluation of the Senior Citizen

I cannot sleep tonight. My heart is heavy with many thoughts of how today’s senior citizens are viewed by younger generations. Heck, some senior citizens view themselves as valueless.

I’m there. I’m a senior citizen. All my immediate family relatives who were older than me have died. I’m next in line.

Sometimes I think today’s young – well, now they’re almost middle aged – generation would like nothing better than to see every baby boomer who was ever born dead. Dead and gone and out of their way.

I see posts on facebook about old people who refuse to retire (they can’t – fhey need the money) and get out of the way of those who want their jobs. I see quotes and jokes and other things that devalue today’s senior citizen. One young person who was fed up with the slowness of a senior hollered “GRANDMA!” at her. It wasn’t at me, but I wondered at the time if he thought that was an insult? I’d love to be someone’s grandma, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.

The whole country is changing. Technology has taken over and young people know far less about how to do things themselves than today’s baby boomer.

The time is coming. We will all be gone one day. I saw two obituaries for women who were younger than I am from my old hometown. I could not believe they’re gone.

Many people die shortly after turning 60. Look at Carrie Fisher. She died recently. (Star Wars Princess) Many post about Social Security and how they need to end it. The younger folks don’t like paying into that system. Neither did we, but what are we to do now? Lose the money we contributed? I worked for forty years. Every paycheck had part of it taken for social security. Now to hear young people talk, I don’t deserve the little bit of money Social Security doles out to me monthly. Well, I certainly deserve the money back that they took from me when I was working. And as I read about people who are 60 to 63 years old dying, I know they didn’t get all their money back.

We’ve recently elected a 70 year old President. I’ve never heard so many vile comments or grumbling after an election as I’ve heard this time. The main candidate he ran against was 66. She appeared to have health issues, but she was the Democrat’s choice. Both she and Donald Trump were disrespected during their campaigns. Now there are those boycotting or protesting Mr. Trump’s inauguration. It seems Democracy is only valuable if their candidate wins.

It seems us old folks no longer have value for the younger ones since we are not taking care of them any more. They covet what little possessions and money we do have. We don’t deserve it, in their minds.

I don’t understand how people can think that just because you’re old, you’ve lived an easy life and have never suffered like they’re suffering. Most of their complaints are about wages. I wasn’t able to afford my own place either when I was young. We often had roommates, or moved back home when things got tough, and they did get tough. We had the draft to worry about and being sent to fight in a war in Vietnam whether we wanted to go or not. I don’t think some of today’s young people could withstand some of the things we lived through. Suppose they couldn’t get gas for their cars like we couldn’t in the 1970’s? Suppose on top of that, they lived in fear of being drafted or seeing a loved one drafted and sent away to war? Suppose there were no computers and if you wanted to communicate, you had to find a phone to use? We had no cell phones.

The youth of today, in my opinion, have it far easier than we did, but they complain all the time about how older people have more than they have. They complain about us being in their way. Well, they’d better hope technology lasts and there’s never a crisis where they don’t have a cell phone in their pocket. I doubt they’d know what to do.

They think they don’t still need us, but one day they’re going to wake up and find out they do. We’ll probably be gone by then. They’ll have all the wonderful things they think we fill our lives with. They’ll just have to solve their problems all by themselves – like most of us have to do now.



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