I have recently started substitute teaching. If I am assigned to a school I’ve never been to before, I go out and locate it the day  before. I use Mapquest, but think I need a GPS.

Anyway, this morning I had missed my turn. I could tell because I’d gone two miles farther than mapquest said it would be . . . so I turned around and headed back. I waited until NO cars or anything else was coming to turn onto the highway. The speed limit was 45, but I couldn’t read the street signs going that fast. It’s probably why I missed it the first time. So I was driving 38 miles per hour. It was 10:30 in the morning. I go out when I think traffic will be lightest.

Suddenly a motorcycle roared up behind me. At first I thought it was a policeman because of the color of his helmet and coat. I was fine. I wasn’t speeding. I had gone almost two miles back towards where I thought the turn was. I was still going 38 mph and didn’t speed up partly so if I stopped to do a left turn, the motorcycle wouldn’t run into me.

All of a sudden that motorcycle crossed two solid yellow lines (it was a two lane highway) and roared past me. He stuck his hand out and I think he flashed first four fingers and then five. Well, I knew what the speed limit was. I just needed to go slower because I was looking for my turn. I found it almost immediately after he roared past.

I’ve always been sympathethic towards motorcycles and feel really bad when I pass one that’s been in an accident. I always blamed the car. The propaganda is that we should look out for motorcycles because they can get hurt so much worse, if they’re in an accident.

After seeing that motorcyclist’s attitude and how he zoomed right over those two solid yellow lines to get in front of me and then felt he had the right to chastise me for not going as fast as was allowed . . . my sympathy won’t be so quick for the motorcyclist. It’s possible that no matter what the car did, s/he caused her/his own wreck. We were in a curve. If there’d been a car coming, he would have had a head on collision because of his lack of patience.

I have a right to drive slow enough to read the road signs . . . I was going to have to make a left turn. I’m tired of everyone who is speeding through their lives thinking I need to go faster. My sympathy and empathy is waning. With all this Go Fund Me stuff around, folks won’t contribute if they think you brought it on yourself. That’s the phrase I’ll think the next time I see a wrecked motorcycle. What a jerk that guy was.

I’ve had friends with motorcycles and I enjoyed riding with them. However, if one had ever crossed a yellow line and signaled rudely like that guy did, I wouldn’t have ridden with them again. Life’s already short. Why make it shorter?




2 thoughts on “Motorcycles

  1. I am so sorry that you had that experience with one of my two wheeled brethren. I ride a ton and can tell you as much as I want to go crazy on my cycle, I always endeavor to follow the rules of the road in a prudent safe manner. There are some motorcyclist who do not follow the rules of the road but but don’t let the actions of the few foil the majorities commitment to safety. I am glad no one was hurt in the creation of this story. Sending you some positive motorcycle vibes in hopes that you only see safe two wheeled junkies in your future.

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