My Time Is Valuable

I just got an email from a car insurance company who said my time was running out to accept their quote.

A few days ago I responded to an ad that offered a quote on car insurance. The ad was intriquing. It suggested I was paying too much for car insurance and I should tell them the make and model of my car and they would give me their quote. I went through a couple screens and the last one gave me a phone number to call.

Excuse me! That’s NOT what I was promised when I clicked on the ad. I was told that if I answered a few, brief questions, they would show me a quote. Now I needed to call them? Uh, No. My time is valuable.

Microsoft Office is another service that has wasted as much of my time as I am willing to give them. My debit card expired. I went in to add a new debit card and they won’t let me delete the current, expired card until I put in the new card, but there is just such a jumble of explanations, and the words they say to look for on their screen does not exist. I’ve tried three times. The last time they wanted me to chat with a representative. The first two times I tried to chat, no chat operator was available. Uh, No. My time is valuable.

There is nothing in my life I cannot live without, except food, and I actually managed to live a week without that last year in the hospital.

What I value now is my time.

I’ve been told I’m more computer savvy than the average senior citizen. If that is true, no wonder seniors hate computers.

Fewer and fewer ads are getting my attention. Things I see that might interest me are often dismissed because of the amount of time they probably will require.

Seniors are acutely aware of limited time. I have no idea how long I’ll be on this earth and I have no idea how long I’ll be able to do the things I so badly want to do.

Quit wasting my time, or leave me alone. Market your products accurately and don’t threaten me with what you’ll do, or how time is running out (Microsoft).

My time is valuable. And it’s just that. MY TIME. You can only have a piece of it, if it’s for something I think is as valuable as my time.



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