Home Hearths’ Fires Going Out


The last few decades may be known as the era when women who had everything, fought for the freedom to have more, just to realize how much they had lost.

My childhood days were filled with watching other mothers sit together drinking coffee and talking, while my mother, who was crippled, hobbled off to work. She was (shame! shame! shame! then) divorced and raising two daughters alone without a man’s help.

Fast forward a few years and I’m in college with feminists jumping on me verbally because I didn’t get on the women’s rights bandwagon that encouraged women to work outside the home! I warned them that I’d watched my own mother go off to work still tired from the day before. I’d seen nothing in her life to make me want to emulate it. But they thought I was crazy.

Since that time, women have hurried off to work daily; many have come in to work a few weeks after giving birth and cried daily because they had to leave their newborns with sitters. I wanted to tell them that I’d warned their mothers about this wonderful goal women had glimpsed and grabbed hold of – having it all.

What women have ended up with over the last few decades is less and less, as divorce rates sky-rocketed and women cooked less, cleaned less, and felt like they had less time and what time they did have with their families were exhausted feeling times.

I read somewhere that it was “normal” for women to stagger to the washer at 3:00 am to put the clothes in the dryer. Women used to have time to hang clothes out on the line. They’d often watch their children playing outside while doing this. Children were taught to help around the house. Now children, like mothers, hurry here, there and yonder in search of what the older generation had and threw away.



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