Michelle Obama and Chickpeas

I found a new cracker I like to eat. The name of it is “The Chickpea One” and it’s made by Nabisco. It’s one of the Good Thins they’ve introduced recently. I was having them with dinner the other night when my son commented on chickpeas. He asked me if I knew that at one time the aristocracy had forbidden the peasants to eat meat. It was a way of keeping the peasants weak. He said, “but the peasants found and ate chickpeas, which gave them protein and so they didn’t die out.”
Michelle Obama made it her mission to make American school lunches inedible. I saw so much of her type of food thrown away every day when I worked in public schools. No matter how hungry the children were, they would not eat it. I had tried some of the stuff and it tasted like cardboard. I didn’t eat it either. I brought a sandwich from home.
Most of the children in our Title I school didn’t have that option. The food they had at home was scarce and their parents depended on them eating twice a day – breakfast and lunch – at school. However, with Michelle Obama’s dictates, the food was almost inedible.
At the time I wondered, because I never liked President Obama or trusted his policies, if Michelle Obama deliberately tried to weaken our school children so they could not learn. A hungry child cannot concentrate as well as one who isn’t hungry.
Now I wonder how well she knew her history and how evil she truly was. I’m sure her own children didn’t eat such tasteless food in the White House. I’m sure they had delicious meals. She took them frequently on world tours on taxpayer expense while she and her husband and various family members occupied the White House. I wonder what kind of treats her children enjoyed on their trips? I’m sure none of it tasted like cardboard.


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