Life Perspective

Watching a game show, I hear that one of the contestants has a Down Syndrome child and the condition wasn’t diagnosed until the baby was two days old. The little boy made it through two heart surgeries and has given the family a new perspective on life.

When I used to hear stories like this, I would wonder how I would handle a situation like that? At my age, I no longer have to wonder. I didn’t face it directly in my life and it wasn’t a concern I had to face.

I realize that most problems in life I hear others talk about will not be a problem for me anymore. I no longer have to concern myself with certain situations because I am too old to face them.

There are still many challenges. I do have three children and they continue to share their life problems (some of them, I’m sure not all, because they’re grown) with me. I try to help when I can. I offer advice when I have any. I sit back and watch.

The last week was one when I felt well and did a lot. I actually worked a day and a half. I went to the Senior Center to play BINGO and visit my friends there. I took my dog, who became very ill last weekend, to the vet. I could not drive (am not supposed to) in the dark to take her to the emergency vet that is located several miles from my home on Saturday night when she was so ill. I could not find anyone to help me get her there. I watched her be very sick, and was very upset. I thought she was dying. The vet says her age makes her equivalent to an 85 year old woman. I did get her in to see her vet when his office was open early the next week, and her bloodwork looks good, although she does have an urinary tract infection.

So life is not perfect and I face challenges, but some challenges I have “aged out of”. My life’s perspective is very different than it was when I was younger. I find that I vascillate between a child’s view point and an adult’s. I concern myself with my bills and whether or not they’re paid, like an adult, but when I shop or choose items to watch or listen to, I am more like a child. I recently bought both a musical keyboard and a remote control truck. I find myself playing more. Like a child, I never know exactly what a day will bring. Like an adult, I try to be prepared for anything.

There are more free moments now when I am concerned with the “right now, right here” activity, like I wasn’t when I was struggling to raise my three children and keep us housed and fed. We really had it rough.

These current years have been referred to as “The Golden Years” and as far as I’m concerned, they do contain gold nuggets that lighten and enlighten my life. I can “step back” from something now and see it in a less emotional state than I veiwed it when I was young and in the midst of it all.

Life is fleeting. No one knows that more than a Senior Citizen. The old term, “Stop and Smell the Roses” very much applies to us daily. We know nothing, including us, are permanent and we have finally figured out how to separate the wheat from the chaff.



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