What I Leave Behind

You don’t get to my age without wondering how much time you have left on this earth and how much difference your having lived has made on the world. We all hear about famous people who have made great differences. We seldom hear about ordinary people who have made differences in the world, but only to a small extent. Still anything that improves a situation is something, and should be applauded.

I’ve spent eighteen years of my life teaching full time. This does not include the substitute teacher jobs I’ve held or the lessons I’ve taught my own children and perhaps a few others as I walked through this world.  Surely I touched someone somewhere whose life was changed, hopefully for the better, by knowing me.

I’ve spent hours and hours writing. I hope I’ve entertained, informed and persuaded. Those are the reasons we teach students that we write. We use the acronym PIE to help children remember these. Persuade Inform Entertain   . . .  I’ve been published in a few magazines explaining how to help cats birth kittens, how to find homes for kittens, how to use the Classroom Read Aloud, how to get students to write more when they write . . . I’ve had poems published . . . I’ve won an award for a short story. I’ve published various anecdotes on my blogs. At times I’ve tried to persuade, but I am not pushy and frankly you are responsible for your opinion, not me.

I think my greatest accomplishment are the children I leave behind that I myself birthed. I have three. They all started out as sons, although one is now transgendered into a daughter. I probably phrased that wrong, but it’s new to me and I’m still learning.

I hope as I walked through this world that I did some good somewhere.

I hope I’m not done yet. These final years, when I don’t race off to work or worry about helping my own children grow up, will probably be my most active as far as creating and influencing.

I have three blogs here at wordpress. Each one has a different focus. I have a teaching channel on youtube. It began as videos to help homeschooling parents. I’m a Reading Specialist and heard Reading is the hardest subject homeschooling parents teach. I thought I’d show them how I do it and hoped they might use some of my ideas. That has been harder than I thought it would be. I’ve learned how to edit videos, although I’m still not as good as my son at doing it. I’ve seen how many “takes” it can take to get something exactly right. The name of that channel is readingbymscorbett

I continue to write on books I started years ago. One, which I call my blindman book, I hope will one day change the way Child Protective Services works and that children will be less harmed by them than they are today.

There’s another “sister” book that goes with that one that lists different articles and stories I’ve collected over the years.

There’s a book about the break-up of my marriage that may be a memoir or may become a book “based on a true story”. Not sure.

There are poems I’ve written that I hope to share.

There’s flowers I hope to plant and vegetables I hope to grow.

I want to make my home more beautiful. Now I have time to think about what I want. Raising three sons alone will keep you too busy to focus on some other things.

I am done with my formal education. I have a Masters Degree. That’s as much as I want. I’ve taken many writing courses. I taught myself to knit using a book. I’m teaching myself to play the piano, although right now my cat plays about as well as I do. The musical keyboard I bought is a magnet to her and she runs to join in when I play. She knows how to turn on the drums, and I don’t. It’s her favorite part. She also clicks on some of the keys. Let me see if I can find that picture and end this blog with it. Some people on facebook thought it was amusing.





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