I’ve been sick this whole month. I’m on what will probably be my final antibiotic that I take at home. I’m also on steroids. Because I’m diabetic, my blood sugar has soared from the illness and especially from the steroids.

Yesterday I got upset with a family member who didn’t seem to care how sick I was. I’d shared my high blood sugar numbers so he’d know to take me to the ER if they got much higher because I might be too confused to know to go by myself. Confusion is one of the symptoms of high blood sugar.

My sugar got so low one time that I didn’t know what to do. My oldest, who was living here at the time, recognized the symptoms and got a soft drink and brought it to me, so I know I can get that confused.

The family member who is staying with me right now is not as educated on Diabetes and possible sudden problems. I sent him a copy of an article I found online about when a diabetic needs to go to the ER. It was this article:

Now a response to his seemingly callous remark about not knowing what I wanted him to do about my high blood sugar, has been explained.

The second thing that I was so upset about when I wrote my last post, was his not offering to bring me some dinner when he went out to eat. When he came home from his second job at 11:00 pm, I mentioned it to him and he said he didn’t realize he’d have time to come back here after eating dinner. He thought he’d be headed straight to his second job.

So being sick causes me to sometimes be overly sensitive. Probably the high blood sugar coupled with the illness made me not stop and think why his behavior seemed so uncaring, and what to do about it.

I now understand why he didn’t offer to bring me back dinner and hopefully when he reads the info I sent about high blood sugar (see link above), he will understand what I expect him “to do about it”.

Communication is a wonderful thing.



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