Who Knew?

I’ve been having bad back pain since Saturday. It actually started Friday when I was doing a half-day substitute teaching job. I sat as much as I could because my back was hurting a little for some reason. At the end of the day, my “duty” was carpool duty, where I stood and opened and closed car doors as children left for the day.

The next morning my back hurt so bad I could hardly get out of bed. By Sunday night I was sleeping with my cell phone in case I couldn’t get up by myself Monday morning. I would call for help!

I did get myself up Monday and around mid-day, Jordan, my oldest adult child, surprised me with a visit. I’d been taking Tylenol, but the pain was still very intense. I said I thought I had pulled something and it would get better in a few more days. Jordan nagged me until I called my doctor and made an appointment for today, Tuesday.

The doctor says I have a bladder infection. “Well”, I asked, “Can that cause back pain?” He said yes, it could and to use a heating pad for the back pain and take some antibiotics he was prescribing. I looked it up when I got home . . . google “Can a bladder infection cause back pain?” Google said it could and would. . . well . .  .  Who knew?

I still like my new doctor. I like him better every time I go see him, and that’s unusual for me.



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