Seen It Before

I just read the headline of an article and immediately dismissed it as something I’ve read too many times before. It was about a “Stopgap Funding Averts Government Shutdown” or something like that.

That is the problem with life now. There’s not much I haven’t seen or heard before.

It takes a lot to get me to slow down and take a look or listen.

I am finding ways to amuse myself and learn new things, but it ain’t easy.

I’m teaching myself to play the piano on a musical keyboard I bought on sale in January.  I wanted it for Christmas, but got it much cheaper after Christmas. My cat enjoys it with me. I posted a video of her on it with me on my msplayful blog at wordpress. I think I’ll post it here.

Two years ago this cat, Hunter, almost died from heart failure. I remember the trips to the vet before and after work and all the medicine I gave her and all the love and attention. It resulted in her “coming out of” heart failure, which is something I had never seen before, and my vet said it was very rare, but he had seen it happen.

So in case you’re reading this and you’ve never seen a cat “play” the piano, here is the video. Around time 1:12 she begins hitting “chords” as I play and a little later (1:55 or 2:00?) I move and you can see her legs pounding on the keys.




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