Yesterday I had a very, very stressful day. I realize I might have over-reacted. I also understand that I was not just reacting to what was happening at the time, but was reacting to other similar traumas I had lived through.

I hear about how everyone has problems and once in awhile some trouble, serious trouble, in their lives. I believe most of my life has been trouble and much of it serious trouble. I believe I’ve had more than my fair share of trauma and heartache.

I wonder how much trouble senior citizens have endured in their lifetimes?

I try not to laugh when I hear millennials moan and groan and talk about how easy the baby boomer generation had it. Yeah. Right. The draft and the Vietnam War alone was more trauma than most of them have lived through.

Then I hear them moan and groan about student loans. I took out a few of those myself 12 years ago. Yeah. I’m still paying on mine too. Mine did enable me to get a 12% raise once I received my Masters Degree. Even then, I didn’t go right into the kind of job or raise I was dreaming of. I finally did reach it, but three years later I became disabled and had to quit. We all have problems and struggles.

Mine have just accumulated to the point where I can’t take but so much nonsense anymore.

I’ve had enough nonsense in my life. I expect most others my age have as well.

I wish I could handle it as well as some others my age handle theirs. I just can’t. Too much water over the bridge and flooded everywhere and I just can’t.

So far today is a better day, even if I couldn’t get one of my doors to unlock. It’s always something, but it doesn’t always have to be everything – like it was yesterday, and so many days before that.



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