As we age, our perspective changes. Heck, as we go through the year, our perspective even changes.

This morning when I was outside with my little dog, I noticed a Robin hopping in my yard. I remembered how excited I was in spring when I saw my first Robin this year. I always take that as a sign that winter will indeed end and spring is just ahead. I get a little excited when I see my first spring Robin! Today . . . nothing . . . except I wondered what it had found to be so happy about? Breakfast, probably.

(You should have seen all my bird friends in the backyard last week after Joe mowed the grass. They were having an absolute party! There was hopping, and chirping and low flying everywhere!)

We’ve had a few very cool (40’s and 50’s) days lately and I bought a bag of birdseed to be sure my bird friends were staying warm. I read somewhere that feeding them in winter is as much about keeping them warm as it is about making sure they’re not hungry. I glanced at my birdfeeder this morning, while the Robin was hopping in the front yard, and noticed a small bird at it. However, although I filled it yesterday morning (Happy Mother’s Day! Mother Birds!), it was still half filled. Not like the winter when I’d glance at it and panic if it was completely empty. The birds usually let me know in the winter when it’s all gone because they will do what sounds like a squawking noise of desperation, if that feeder gets empty and it’s below freezing. I guess their perspective changes over time as well.



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