Tell Me How To Feel

I just read an article, and like so many others, it says “anyone should feel appalled at this” . . . well, they don’t all say ‘appalled’. Some say “shocked”, others say “grateful” . . . whatever the person writing the article feels is what anyone who reads it should feel.

I remember when students were taught to “think for themselves”. We didn’t always do it, but it was encouraged. Now whole populations are told how to feel about every single thing that they read or see or hear.

I resent this kind of propaganda. I often do have the same or similar feelings as the person suggests, but I prefer to form my own opinions and be the master of my own emotional state.

Lately when I read about how I should feel, I stop and think of why I might feel otherwise. it doesn’t mean that I do; it just acknowledges that we are all different and everyone has a right to their own feelings. Or they used to.


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