A Mind of His Own

I knew my son, Anthony, had a mind of his own the day he graduated from preschool.

I was sitting in the audience waiting for the procession of graduating preschoolers when I saw the beginning of the line start coming out of the building doors. We were outside. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day.

Suddenly Anthony (who was called “Tony” back then) darted out from the line and ran towards me. I could see his teacher’s consternation at his actions. “Wook what I’m wearing!” he grinned at me, as he said it proudly. I couldn’t help but smile.

“I see”, I said. His robe was swaying from his run across the yard and his mortar board was now askew. Then noticing his teacher rushing our way, I asked, “Are you supposed to be over here with me?”

“No!” he declared. “I supposed to be over der!” he turned and pointed towards the line that was continuing to slowly and solemnly march towards the stage. Noticing his teacher headed his way, he took off running, darted past her, being careful to make a wide arc around her so she couldn’t grab him as she reached out her arm to do so. With his mortar board bouncing, he raced up the steps to the stage and grinning, he joined his classmates.

I knew then that he had a mind of his own and a spirit unequaled to any I had ever seen.



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