The Pygmalion Effect or its Opposite

This morning I was driving to McDonald’s for breakfast. I go about a mile from home and turn left. I get there on a highway. The speed limit, since it’s in town, is 45 mph.

As usual, this morning folks were trying to tailgate me as I drove the speed limit in the left lane. I was turning left soon. They probably didn’t know that.

They probably also didn’t know that when I have moved over so they could speed by me, others refuse to let me back into the left lane, and I have to go to the light past the place where I turn, to do a U turn and come back.

This morning I was thinking this was like the Pygmalion effect, but when I looked that up, it says it raises expectations. Well, mine have been lowered. I do not expect to be allowed back in the left lane and I end up having to drive farther to get where I going, all so others can speed down the road. There is a right lane, and except for one tail-gater, the other cars switched to it to go around me this morning.

I think what these speeders have caused is the Golem effect. The other car drivers have lowered my expectation of ever getting back in the left lane so I can make my left turn when needed, so I stay in that lane through two lights until I get to the one where I make the left turn.

If they weren’t in such a big hurry, they’d see what I was doing.  I refuse to speed like they’re doing just because they think I’m in their way. I go the maximum speed limit. I wish they would notice what it is and slow down.


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