Ignorant, Bigoted, Young People Cause It

The general concensus is no one wants to look old. A lot of money is made by companies who are well aware of this fact. Heaven forbid! that you don’t look like you’re young!

Why is this?

It’s because of the condescending view the younger ones have about older people.

I had an eye exam yesterday and I believe that will be my last one . . . at least my last one done by a “young professional”.

She insisted on using numbing drops that have caused severe redness and irritation. I have a high school reunion to go to tomorrow and I hope my eyes are cleared up by then, but I doubt it. Why did she use the numbing drops? She wanted to check for Glaucoma. I don’t have Glaucoma. My ex-husband has it and when I heard about that, I looked up the symptoms to see what he was going through. I’ve had no symptoms of Glaucoma. As I told her, and as the unnecessary  test she did showed, I did not have Glaucoma.

I also don’t have any damage caused by Diabetes. This is the second time that a primary care physician has referred me for a Diabetes Eye Exam. They are supposedly free with insurance, but she still collected $110 from me. All I got was this irritation to my eyes.

This is why I don’t like doctors. They frequently do unnecessary tests that cause unnecessary suffering when there was none before.

The Pulmonary doctor damaged my teeth with his breathing test. I’ll never go to one of them again. The first one, who did the same test a few years earlier, didn’t cause that damage, so I know it isn’t always caused, but I’m still suffering two years later from that Pulmonary test and I wonder how long I’ll suffer now from  those numbing drops?

But, as usual, I digress. The “eye doctor” said yesterday that all old people do is watch TV or read and they need their eyes for both of those. Can you imagine that? I am a published writer, a Reading Specialist, and I do much more than watch TV and read. In fact, I don’t even watch TV.

But that is the consensus of younger people and that is why as people age, they frantically try to keep looking young.

I earned every wrinkle and gray hair I have. With them came knowledge and wisdom and understanding that far surpasses what I knew when I was younger,  I wouldn’t trade one of them for a chance to go back in time. Younger people are too unworldly or unknowledgeable to understand what being old is. The so called Fountain of Youth cannot compare to the Fountain of Wisdom, which comes with age.

I watch the younger generations prance around like they have the answers to everything when I know they do not. I resent being insulted by them, for they know far less than they think they do. They scream and complain when older people imply that they might have a defect or problem themselves, but they see no problem in insulting the older ones.

IF they’re lucky, one day they will have gray hair and wrinkles. They will be surprised to learn that older people have something the younger ones can never have.




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