About Me

Christmas 2012

I’ve been called a “senior citizen”, although there are others who are older. I’ve noticed changes to my body, my face, my thoughts, but instead of hating them, I am usually amused and in wonder at what the human body can do.
I see movie stars getting facelifts and many look like a startling caricature of their former selves. I am not interested in having a facelift.
I’ve colored my hair for awhile and now look like a blonde floozie. I decided to let my natural color grow back and embrace it.
If I’m loving my own hair color, I think I should love my own, current face. I am going to be proud of every wrinkle. I know where they came from. I’ve lived a long time.
I remember hearing the phrase “age gracefully” and I’m not sure I’ll be able to do that at all times, but I am going to age. Why women want to look so much younger than they are eludes me. I am proud to have lived this long. I do not want to pretend to be what I am not.
So I am proud of every wrinkle and going to blog about this time in my life. Older? yes. Wiser? We’ll see.


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