Feminists . . . Did They Get What They Wanted?

I was in college in the 1970’s and that’s when all those “feminists” were recruiting other women. I stood my ground. I enjoyed the relationship between men and women. I did not think they were “equal” but were complementary. No one appreciated my views.
This article, to me, says it all. I am so tired of seeing younger men kowtowing to women the way the feminists say females kowtowed to men back in the day.
If a wife can’t make her husband a sandwich, something is wrong in this world.
You’d better believe the housekeeper will make one for him. You saw how that worked out for Schwarzenegger and his “wife”. ha, ha.
What a world we live in:

NFL Protests

I’ve finally figured out why the NFL “take a knee” protests bother me so much.

Let me ask you one question. Could you do that at work? I could not. I would have been fired.

Work is your time that belongs to someone else. For the amount of money they pay you, you show up and do what you have promised to do for that money.

The NFL players have promised to show up and play football. That’s their job. They are in the entertainment business.

If they want to do politics, they need to find a way to do that when they’re not at work.

Yes, they have a right to protest anything they want to protest, but they do not have that right when they are being paid to work.

The National Anthemn is part of their “job”. They are “on the clock” when they are protesting, and that’s not allowed anywhere.

Some folks can’t even make a cell phone call while “at work”. Yet NFL players think they can do whatever they please. They don’t realize what working for someone else means.

They may be employed by someone besides the public, but the public, their “fans” can complain about them, as any customer can complain about an employee.

When my complaints at other places have fallen on deaf ears, I’ve taken my business elsewhere. When enough people do that, a business fails.

NFL is not too big to fail. If your company employees are bringing down your business, you need to let them go.

I’ll be glad when the owners and managers realize the public is right and their employees are wrong to be doing politics on company “time”.


Can’t Take It Any More

The election is over. The new President has been sworn in. Still there is bickering and threats and complaining, and I just can’t take it any more.

I just saw an email I got about how the Democrats are planning to take over the government. Well, nothing I can do about it. Seriously. I voted. Donald Trump won. That’s the end of it, as far as I’m concerned.

All these younger folks seem to think that whining, complaining, threatening and pouting will somehow change what the constitution of our country provided. We have a new president for the next four years and that’s that. The country would be better served if we learned to pull together.

The Civil War ended 150 years ago and now folks think if you ban the Confederate flag and pull down the Confederate monuments that you can erase America’s history. It doesn’t work that way. Basic psychology says if you tell someone not to think about something, that’s the very thing they’ll think about.

But I’m tired of all the baiting that is done on a daily basis. If the Democrats have a plan to take over the government, well they have a plan. Or is this “fake news” that Trump talks about?

Whatever it is, I can’t take it any more and all this foolish bickering needs to stop. Until it does, I’ll be deleting a lot of emails without reading them.

Stating the Obvious

Is it just me, or do news stories and articles now mostly state the obvious? I see titles of articles all the time that to me shouldn’t even be subject matter. Who wrote these and why did anyone think it was something anyone would read? Are the younger generations not able to form such ideas in their own heads without having to read about it? Maybe it’s my age, but I often cringe when I read some titles and wonder who the target audience is?

Here’s an example from today’s offerings on an online site:

  “Month after Harvey, debris piles show recovery takes time”

The wording is nice, but all it’s going to explain, if you take time to even read the article, is that it takes a long time to clean up after a hurricane. Do people not realize this? Are there actually people in the world who can watch the videos of sideways rain and howling winds and projectiles being blown about by the force of a hurricane, who could not figure out, for their own knowledge, that the clean-up from hurricanes takes a long time?


From what I see on TV, young folks today will never know the meaning of the word anticipation. They don’t seem to wait for anything.

There are boyfriends and girlfriends announcing the birth of a child. There are children already born being in mama and daddy’s wedding. This is not exactly what I’m talking about, although as I can verify, times have certainly changed.

The thing I’m talking about is how quickly adults on TV jump in and out of beds with the opposite sex . . . sometimes with the same sex. It looks to me like sex has replaced the handshake as far as introducing yourself to someone else.

My generation believed in doing things in a certain order. Today’s generation of young adults look as if they do whatever feels right at the moment and to hell with the consequences.

I’m glad I’m not young now. How do you stand up for anything more than the status quo? It was hard in my day and it must be difficult now.

Nothing carries with it the anticipation and delight of waiting that we had a few decades ago.


Doctors and Dentists and Surgeons, Oh, My!

I have noticed with my friends who still have living parents that their parents go to doctors for various tests a great deal.

I began to notice the same sort of activity surrounding my own health. The doctor wants to see me every three months now. Also I’ve been offered various expensive tests that I have refused. I don’t want to spend what time I have left sitting in doctors’ offices.

My friend’s 75 year old father took a stress test a few months ago. Why? He ended up dying anyway and I know a stress test isn’t pleasant – or it doesn’t sound like it would be.

My own doctor has done two EKG’s on me in the last six months. Why? I complained about my gall bladder pain and he decided to check my heart. I told him my heart was FINE.  And it was.

I told the eye doctor I didn’t have glaucoma. She insisted on checking for it. (I knew because my ex-husband has it and I know the symptoms.) Surprise! I didn’t have it. She still expected to get paid for the test. Well she got surprised too!

I have two teeth that I am considering having root canals on. Something has to happen because they’re infected and keeping me sick. The endodontist said yesterday that root canals would run about $2300. That doesn’t include the $125 consult fee he collected for meeting with me and telling me that. (He did take x-rays and spent over 30 minutes talking to me, so I understand his consult fee) . . . but he’s the second one I’ve consulted with about this and it’s time to do SOMETHING!

Money is an issue. Isn’t it always? So I called an Oral Surgeon’s office, which is where my dentist, who refuses to do the root canal or the extractions, said I’d need to go if I chose to have them out. Here’s their prices:

Here’s what the oral surgeon’s office said, and it’s ridiculous:

$90 consultation (required)

$125 Panaramic x-ray (required)

$228 for 15 mins anestheisa (456)

$220 to $580 extraction cost per tooth

Least: $1100
Most:   $1831
Unbelieveable! Why don’t doctors wear coats that say, “I am here to take all the money you have before you die! Spend! Spend! Spend! When you run out of money, we’ll put you in hospice care or palliative care”

How Is It Any Different?

I was thinking this morning how my children and I didn’t spend as much time watching TV together as I spent with my grandmother watching TV as a child. I enjoyed those hours with her. I had so many questions about the people and their actions on various shows. She would sit and patiently explain situations and attitudes as we watched.

This morning I felt sad that my children and I didn’t have that exact experience. We did watch some shows and movies together, and I learned a lot about my children as we did.

Later, as they got older, the TV or monitor was hooked up to a game system and I would sit and watch them play. We often interacted by my asking questions about the game or by them telling each other new things they had discovered.

I learned that my oldest son was a perfectionist and would start a game over when it quit going his way. I learned that my middle son would rush through the game and try to be the first one to finish. I learned that my youngest son would take time to explore every nuance and every section of the game, and he often found things his brothers had missed. He played more like I played. Slow and inquiring and curious about possibilities.

Today my oldest is pursuing a career in law where perfectionism is important. My middle son is an engineer and the final solution or bottom line is what matters. My youngest has become a world traveler and is currently in China. Now I see how their playing behavior was actually showing their later life behavior.

I also recall many conversations we had about the games and strategies, and I realize we bonded over those video games as well as my grandmother and I bonded over TV shows.