Some Things I Have Learned This Week

If you go to a place where Senior Citizens gather, you will meet new friends. Those new friends will eventually introduce you to their friends in other places and you will have more peers to interact with than you know what to do!

Seniors are cheerful. When you go to a Senior Citizen event, there will be smiles and laughter.

Seniors cheer each other on. If you face a medical problem, you know who to ask for a referral to a good medical doctor. You know where to go to get certain services. You know how to handle certain situations at your age.  Everyone is pulling for everyone else to succeed at life and to enjoy it.

Senior Activities abound! What are you interested in? If you go to a Senior gathering, you will likely find something pertaining to that to participate in.

Seniors use the language you’re accustomed to. You know exactly what they mean when they use idioms  such as “My eyes were bigger than my stomach”. There is no explaining to have to do when you converse with another Senior.

If you’re a Senior Citizen now, or become one, get out there and make the rest of your life happen!




Mini Trip Visit With Anthony

I returned yesterday from a short visit with my youngest son. His name is Anthony and he is delightful.

He was born late in life and he is the one who keeps me young. I have two other sons, but for now I will write of Anthony.

Anthony thinks I need an iPhone. I am happy to trot to the store and purchase tracfones as needed. Ok, he said. Tracfones also have iPhones, or smart phones, or whatever he was calling them. So that made me more ready to listen to what he thinks I need to have.

He sent me a link to a youtube video on iPhones and he also included a link on Androids. He thought I’d like an iPhone better (he was right!). I just sent him an email asking how to get GPS on an iPhone. If it’s so smart, certainly I can do that.

Whenever I spend time with my baby boy, Anthony, who is now a grown young man and full of ideas and plans – he has miles to go before I sleep – but I digress, when I spend time with him, I feel younger and more hopeful and energetic. He never reminds me to watch my step or to hold onto the rail when going down steps like his older brothers might do, but he does adjust his pace of walking to match mine and acts as if he always walks that slow. He also acts like I can do anything. When I am with him, or have recently been with him, I think I can.

I returned yesterday morning from a two day visit with Anthony. I woke up raring to go and am busy doing things that I had either put off or decided I could not do.

He is the one who convinced me to quit dying my hair. He likes its natural color and so I went from being a blonde to being a brunette with gray highlights. Let me post his picture.


This is Anthony with my dog, Blackie. She thinks he’s the cat’s pajamas too! ha, ha. (I’m not really THAT old!)