To All Student Loan Debtors In America

There needs to be a consensus that these loans will no longer dominate every college educated young person in America. Enough is enough. Either the lawmakers can bail them out like they do the banks, OR the students in outrageous debt need to flee the country with their degrees and knowledge and go make another country great again. I’m sick of this modern indentured servitude of today’s best and brightest young Americans. If Trump wants to make america great again, he needs to focus on helping out the young people who struggle under enough debt to buy a house that they incurred just for trying to better themselves. What country would welcome educated professionals? The cost of these loans double while graduates struggle to pay them off in a country whose older generation refuses to retire so there’s jobs for the young, newly educated INDEBTED graduates. Get your passports and GO. You are obviously not appreciated in America.


The Enslavement of America

Have you ever thought about how you got trapped into your current job? Even if you love it, could you leave, if you didn’t?

For my family, when I was growing up, credit was a shameful thing. You saved up until you had enough money to buy what you needed and then you purchased it. Until then you did something we called “doing without”.

This made the burden of working not quite as enslaving. If you had enough for rent (or house payment), food and utilities, you had enough to live on. Jobs could be quit or changed and no massive fear of reprisal considered.

Now? Now there is a house payment and a car payment and how many credit card payments that ensnare us in our current jobs?

Add to that the student loan fiasco and many, many Americans are now enslaved to whatever job they can find.