News or Propaganda?

I remember when Walter Cronkite did the news, we were told what was going on and if there were any opinions, they were obviously presented after the news.

Now the news I hear and read tells me what to think about what I am being told is news.

Like Jack Webb used to say, I’d prefer the facts, “just the facts”, and possibly an occasional picture or recording demonstrating the FACTS.

Otherwise, I feel inundated with propaganda and I no longer feel informed at all.


A Mountain

Becoming Older brings you closer to the top of a mountain (metaphor). While you are at or near the top, you can see so much more than you were able to see as you climbed up. Sometimes now younger people will state the obvious to me. They don’t know they’re telling me something I have seen for years because they are just now seeing it for the first time themselves.

It’s hard to be on top of the mountain and watch the others  climb (age) and hear them spouting words and ideas like it’s something new . . . maybe it is new to them, but from where I sit (stand?), it’s like being on top of a mountain and looking down at everything they can just now see as they climb.

Once they reach the top – become older – an elder older – they will realize all those thoughts and ideas were there all along. They just hadn’t gotten close enough to the top to see them.