Everybody’s Time and Place Is Not The Same

I get tired of reading about people who make stupid mistakes and then feel like it’s their lifework to make sure the rest of us don’t do what they did.

I don’t need that woman whose baby drowned in the pool to tell me that if there’s a pool in the backyard, knowing exactly where my toddler is at all times is necessary. I already know that one.

Then there’s the folks who leave their kids in the backseat to bake to death while they do whatever caused them to forget the child was with them when they got out of the car. I got that one covered too. For one thing I was always a verbal mother. I talked to my kids because I had things to tell them, and what better way than when they’re trapped in the car with me? But I knew to get them out of the car when I got myself out.

There was a young boy who dived headfirst into two feet of water when I was a child. He lived in my hometown. The first few times my grandmother told me about him, I “got it”. She didn’t have to (but she did) tell me every time she’d see him in his wheelchair what had happened to him and how I should never dive into water unless I’d stood in it and knew how deep it was. Ok. Got it. Got it the first hundred times.

One recent thing that’s happened and been in the news is about women who have waited 30 or 36 years to tell about being sexually molested. Hopefully this is a reminder to all women/girls not to wait that long to tell it. For one thing, especially if there could be another reason you’re just now bringing this up, it makes you less credible. Hopefully that has been figured out without my having to say it, but the way other folks state the obvious . . . maybe not?



Be careful whom you compare yourself to. We all don’t start with the same deck of cards.

I was just looking at an origami bird and it reminded me of the time in Speech Class, my first semester in college, when we each had to stand up and show how to do something. I chose to show how to make an origami bird. I’d recently learned how and found it fascinating. What I didn’t realize is when I’m very nervous, my hands shake.

I was not in the same place as many of my college classsmates. I was on heavy financial aid getting no support from home. My background wasn’t that of being around college graduates or even knowing much about college. I was four years older than most of them, but I didn’t share that information. I felt ill at ease and out of place.

As I began folding the paper, my hands began to shake and I had trouble making the folds. I glanced at the class and they all were staring with blank looks on their faces. I looked over at the teacher and she was looking concerned, and disapproving. I didn’t think I’d ever get that bird made. I kept going. It seems like there was a time limit for the presentation and I was worried about meeting it. When I’m nervous, I tend to blurt out things I wouldn’t otherwise say. At one point when I almost dropped the bird, I exclaimed, “He’s going to fly away!” I got a C on that presentation. My overall grade for the course was a B+. I could not get the teacher to raise it to an A-. She reminded me of the bird making speech I’d given and gotten a C on. There was  no way she could give me anything higher than a B+.

I had similar problems in my music class. I had to put the needle on the record at a certain place and my hands shook so badly that I just dropped the needle. Miracuously it landed exactly where I needed it to land. After I was done with that presentation, the teacher asked the class what I could have done to help myself when and if my hands shook like that when I was teaching? He said to ask a child to come up and put the needle where it needed to go. I learned and remembered that children enjoy being part of what the teacher is doing and most will volunteer to come up front.

Really? Not me. I came from a poor background and often wore hand me down clothes. I walked to school every day while others got dropped off by parents. I could go on, but you get the point. My background did not include trying to be the center of attention. However, I had decided to become a teacher and that meant I had to learn how to get up in front of others and not be nervous.

Four years later, I was fine. Four years later I could have gotten up and made that bird while describing what I was doing with no shaking and no comments that were not a planned part of the presentation.

I chastised myself for years for not being like everyone else.  Now in my senior citizen state, I realize a lot of us didn’t start at the same beginning point as some of the others. We had things to learn that they learned as children.

I’ve gotten comfortable in my own skin. That is one of the joys of being a senior citizen. I know who I am. There is no need to compare myself to anyone because we have all lived different lives and we are who we are. Experiences and challenges have made us who we are.

Life is cruel when we compare ourselves to those who have had more advantages or easier lives. It is enough to know we’ve all made progress and things we could not do in the past, we can do now. We should compare ourselves to where we started in life. If we do, I imagine we will all be happy with how we turned out.


Did Jesus have to stand by helplessly as someone he loved suffered and died?

Did Jesus know the feelings of loss of a mother who succumbed to some disease?

Did Jesus ever watch his child suffer from illness and die?

These questions have filled my mind today. Jesus carried with him the power to calm the seas, raise the dead, heal the sick, make the blind see, etc.

Jesus walked on earth and many preachers have said afterwards God was more gentle with mankind. The God of the Old Testament and the God of the New Testament were not the same in many ways. Their attitudes towards mankind were not the same because God had experienced the world as Jesus.

But did he really experience the excruciating pain of loss, knowing he was helpless to do anything to help or save someone he loved?

That is my question today.

We are told that there is life after death and we will be reunited with loved ones. Jesus would even have had the certainty of that knowledge, while we are expected to accept it on faith.

I don’t think Jesus got the whole picture of what it is truly like to be on earth and helpless to change many things that come our way.

Jesus was never helpless. He chose to rebuke the devil. He chose to remain on the cross. He had choices the average human will never have.

A Mountain

Becoming Older brings you closer to the top of a mountain (metaphor). While you are at or near the top, you can see so much more than you were able to see as you climbed up. Sometimes now younger people will state the obvious to me. They don’t know they’re telling me something I have seen for years because they are just now seeing it for the first time themselves.

It’s hard to be on top of the mountain and watch the others  climb (age) and hear them spouting words and ideas like it’s something new . . . maybe it is new to them, but from where I sit (stand?), it’s like being on top of a mountain and looking down at everything they can just now see as they climb.

Once they reach the top – become older – an elder older – they will realize all those thoughts and ideas were there all along. They just hadn’t gotten close enough to the top to see them.


Stating the Obvious

Is it just me, or do news stories and articles now mostly state the obvious? I see titles of articles all the time that to me shouldn’t even be subject matter. Who wrote these and why did anyone think it was something anyone would read? Are the younger generations not able to form such ideas in their own heads without having to read about it? Maybe it’s my age, but I often cringe when I read some titles and wonder who the target audience is?

Here’s an example from today’s offerings on an online site:

  “Month after Harvey, debris piles show recovery takes time”

The wording is nice, but all it’s going to explain, if you take time to even read the article, is that it takes a long time to clean up after a hurricane. Do people not realize this? Are there actually people in the world who can watch the videos of sideways rain and howling winds and projectiles being blown about by the force of a hurricane, who could not figure out, for their own knowledge, that the clean-up from hurricanes takes a long time?

To All Student Loan Debtors In America

There needs to be a consensus that these loans will no longer dominate every college educated young person in America. Enough is enough. Either the lawmakers can bail them out like they do the banks, OR the students in outrageous debt need to flee the country with their degrees and knowledge and go make another country great again. I’m sick of this modern indentured servitude of today’s best and brightest young Americans. If Trump wants to make america great again, he needs to focus on helping out the young people who struggle under enough debt to buy a house that they incurred just for trying to better themselves. What country would welcome educated professionals? The cost of these loans double while graduates struggle to pay them off in a country whose older generation refuses to retire so there’s jobs for the young, newly educated INDEBTED graduates. Get your passports and GO. You are obviously not appreciated in America.

Some Things I Have Learned This Week

If you go to a place where Senior Citizens gather, you will meet new friends. Those new friends will eventually introduce you to their friends in other places and you will have more peers to interact with than you know what to do!

Seniors are cheerful. When you go to a Senior Citizen event, there will be smiles and laughter.

Seniors cheer each other on. If you face a medical problem, you know who to ask for a referral to a good medical doctor. You know where to go to get certain services. You know how to handle certain situations at your age.  Everyone is pulling for everyone else to succeed at life and to enjoy it.

Senior Activities abound! What are you interested in? If you go to a Senior gathering, you will likely find something pertaining to that to participate in.

Seniors use the language you’re accustomed to. You know exactly what they mean when they use idioms  such as “My eyes were bigger than my stomach”. There is no explaining to have to do when you converse with another Senior.

If you’re a Senior Citizen now, or become one, get out there and make the rest of your life happen!