Stating the Obvious

Is it just me, or do news stories and articles now mostly state the obvious? I see titles of articles all the time that to me shouldn’t even be subject matter. Who wrote these and why did anyone think it was something anyone would read? Are the younger generations not able to form such ideas in their own heads without having to read about it? Maybe it’s my age, but I often cringe when I read some titles and wonder who the target audience is?

Here’s an example from today’s offerings on an online site:

  “Month after Harvey, debris piles show recovery takes time”

The wording is nice, but all it’s going to explain, if you take time to even read the article, is that it takes a long time to clean up after a hurricane. Do people not realize this? Are there actually people in the world who can watch the videos of sideways rain and howling winds and projectiles being blown about by the force of a hurricane, who could not figure out, for their own knowledge, that the clean-up from hurricanes takes a long time?


I’ve Had Enough

Be it because the world is smaller in terms of communicating, or be it because the world has truly degenerated, I’ve had enough.

Mothers’ Day for me was a good day. Nothing lavish – just being remembered by all three of my sons in different ways that delighted and entertained me the whole day. Lunch with one, a special gift of jewelry from another, while the third prepared dinner for me. It was a lovely day – one I hope to long remember.

Now there’s some kind of story on the news about a Mothers’ Day parade shoot-out. For once I refuse to read all the gory details. If evil abounds when good people do nothing, then evil is perpetuated and remembered and perhaps glorified when good people spread the news about it. I’ve had all the ugliness and heartache I can stand over the past few years from the news stories I read. No more!

Mothers’ Day for me was lovely. I intend to keep it that way with no details of otherwise creeping into the picture. I cannot stop whatever it is that happened, but I can do something about letting it color my memories of a lovely day.