Did Jesus have to stand by helplessly as someone he loved suffered and died?

Did Jesus know the feelings of loss of a mother who succumbed to some disease?

Did Jesus ever watch his child suffer from illness and die?

These questions have filled my mind today. Jesus carried with him the power to calm the seas, raise the dead, heal the sick, make the blind see, etc.

Jesus walked on earth and many preachers have said afterwards God was more gentle with mankind. The God of the Old Testament and the God of the New Testament were not the same in many ways. Their attitudes towards mankind were not the same because God had experienced the world as Jesus.

But did he really experience the excruciating pain of loss, knowing he was helpless to do anything to help or save someone he loved?

That is my question today.

We are told that there is life after death and we will be reunited with loved ones. Jesus would even have had the certainty of that knowledge, while we are expected to accept it on faith.

I don’t think Jesus got the whole picture of what it is truly like to be on earth and helpless to change many things that come our way.

Jesus was never helpless. He chose to rebuke the devil. He chose to remain on the cross. He had choices the average human will never have.


Message to the Younger Generation

Older folks are viewed as “wise” for a reason. We’ve lived through many situations and had various experiences. We’ve seen what happens in certain situations.

When someone comes to us for advice, we are usually happy to try to help. However, the demeanor and attitude of some young people is a real “put off”.

Whether they realize it or not, some younger people come to us full of anger and rage about a certain situation. It’s often one with a quickly solvable solution, but because of how the whole thing is presented to us, we may shut down and not help.

Why is this? Is it just because we want to be mean? No. At least not in my case. In my case, I have a physical condition and stress and anger, whomever it’s directed towards, causes me physical pain. This condition can get so painful that I have a prescription for pain medicine.

When someone comes to me in a rage, or so angry they seem in a rage, about something that’s gone wrong in their life, it causes my pain to flare up and I cannot think as straight, and I lose any interest in trying to help them because now I have to stop and help myself.

So a message to all the younger people who might seek help from the older generation is this: Approach us with a pleasant demeanor and present your problem in a logical, non-angry mode, because otherwise, you might just be wasting your time.