It Worked!

Yesterday’s experiment in living the day as a new day with new problems, new joys, and new expectations worked! I will be viewing each day in the attitude of yesterday’s blog attitude, and not ruminating on past hurts or problems that didn’t work out. I truly enjoyed my day yesterday.

Today, I made the mistake of scrolling through facebook before breakfast. This (what’s written below)  is my last post on facebook and I will now use it only as a place to play games. I cannot continue to spend time with such angry people daily and still enjoy my days.


Facebook used to be a fun place to go and see what friends are doing. Now it’s often a post that amounts to “I’m mad about this and I want you mad about it too”. Seriously? I do have my own opinions. I’m entitiled to mine and you’re entitled to yours. Now I get a headache just scrolling through, trying to see what friends are up to. So much of it is politics. Politics has replaced friendship on facebook. There’s a time and a place for everything. I shouldn’t get a headache just from seeing how angry so many “friends” are that they cannot post anything positive or pleasant.



Cheer Up?

I hate being told to “cheer up”. I just saw that written somewhere, and it irked me. Maybe some people’s problems are trivial and all they need to do is cheer up, but others have major problems and being told to “cheer up” trivalizes them and brushes off the true nature of what’s going on in their lives.

Would you walk up to a cancer patient and say, “cheer up’? or would you understand that maybe at that moment it was hard, or impossible to cheer up.

People have great sympathy for physical illnesses, but physical illnesses are not the only things that can get you down so low that you cannot cheer up. You may try and fail, and then having someone walk by and glibly say, “cheer up” makes you feel that much worse, like you’re failed them by being sad or overwhelmed or worried.

Don’t assume everyone you meet can express the wonderful cheerful emotions you exude. Many can’t, and your inability to see that is hurtful.



Yesterday I had a very, very stressful day. I realize I might have over-reacted. I also understand that I was not just reacting to what was happening at the time, but was reacting to other similar traumas I had lived through.

I hear about how everyone has problems and once in awhile some trouble, serious trouble, in their lives. I believe most of my life has been trouble and much of it serious trouble. I believe I’ve had more than my fair share of trauma and heartache.

I wonder how much trouble senior citizens have endured in their lifetimes?

I try not to laugh when I hear millennials moan and groan and talk about how easy the baby boomer generation had it. Yeah. Right. The draft and the Vietnam War alone was more trauma than most of them have lived through.

Then I hear them moan and groan about student loans. I took out a few of those myself 12 years ago. Yeah. I’m still paying on mine too. Mine did enable me to get a 12% raise once I received my Masters Degree. Even then, I didn’t go right into the kind of job or raise I was dreaming of. I finally did reach it, but three years later I became disabled and had to quit. We all have problems and struggles.

Mine have just accumulated to the point where I can’t take but so much nonsense anymore.

I’ve had enough nonsense in my life. I expect most others my age have as well.

I wish I could handle it as well as some others my age handle theirs. I just can’t. Too much water over the bridge and flooded everywhere and I just can’t.

So far today is a better day, even if I couldn’t get one of my doors to unlock. It’s always something, but it doesn’t always have to be everything – like it was yesterday, and so many days before that.



It’s been awhile since I sat down to blog. I’ve had a crisis to deal with. Still trying to “put out fires”, so to speak.

You don’t get to be a senior citizen without having had problems before. I have some idea of solutions. Others elude me. So far, nothing is fixed.

One thing did improve this week. My cat, Hunter, seemed to have some sort of problem with her chin. She drooled. She laid around. She let me put medicine on her chin and didn’t fight me. Finally late in the week up came her paws and I knew she felt better. Lucky cat got cream and Fancy Feast the whole week. Anything to get her to eat and get some nourishment.

She kept her tongue out so much that part of it turned black. I gently pushed it back into her mouth and she stuck it right back out. Probably why I like her. She does things her way and anyone who doesn’t like it can take a hike.

I saw a yellow fly looking thing in her food dish yesterday trying to get a speck of food. Now I wonder if one of those things had stung her?

I’ve got a new racket that will zap a fly. You hold your finger on the button and swing it. Zap! Some of them even have a flash of light when they’re hit. I’ve been swinging it around her when the flies try to torment her. She lies there like she’s a princess and I’m to do her biding. She’s probably right. But at least that worry is gone. Now if I can take care of a couple other problems, I might be able to blog more frequently.