America and Illegals

I keep reading about illegals being deported and how upset they are. They don’t seem to understand that in most countries, you don’t sneak in and live and get to stay once it’s noticed that you did that. There are ways to become a citizen of another country, but breaking the law that says it must be done a certain way is serious.

I think Americans embrace others who are hurting or need help, but at some point people must look after their own interests and their own lives.

Americans pay taxes to support public schools. When an ESL teacher (English as Second Language) became necessary in every school, it began to affect American citizens. That’s a teacher being paid to teach a large group of people the English language. Her or his salary comes from tax dollars.

Then there is the annoyance of being told to “Press One for English”. This was a new thing at one time, but now it’s the norm.

When immigrants come to America, they should expect to learn the language and the customs and assimilate into American society. You would not sneak into China and expect the people in China to learn your language.

If I move to another country, or even if I just visit, I will try to learn the language of that country and not expect them to know my language just because I show up. That’s arrogance.

I do feel for the people being deported. I wish they had entered the country legally in the first place.

As part Native American, I also wish the Native Americans had been more savvy about allowing immigrants to enter their country. You see how that worked out.

There have to be rules and they have to be followed. If immigrants cannot be bothered to learn the country’s language and to teach it to their children, then how interested are they really in the success of the country? If they want things to stay exactly like they were in their former country, why did they come here? This is America.