Cheer Up?

I hate being told to “cheer up”. I just saw that written somewhere, and it irked me. Maybe some people’s problems are trivial and all they need to do is cheer up, but others have major problems and being told to “cheer up” trivalizes them and brushes off the true nature of what’s going on in their lives.

Would you walk up to a cancer patient and say, “cheer up’? or would you understand that maybe at that moment it was hard, or impossible to cheer up.

People have great sympathy for physical illnesses, but physical illnesses are not the only things that can get you down so low that you cannot cheer up. You may try and fail, and then having someone walk by and glibly say, “cheer up” makes you feel that much worse, like you’re failed them by being sad or overwhelmed or worried.

Don’t assume everyone you meet can express the wonderful cheerful emotions you exude. Many can’t, and your inability to see that is hurtful.



Distance Yourself

I have a bit of a crisis going on right now – two of them actually.

I’m not going to write about them today, because I spent a lot of time and energy wrestling with them yesterday, and I’m not sure I accomplished anything.

Perhaps it’s time to “let go and let God”. He sees what’s going on (and yes, I believe he’s a male, or how else does the Bible make sense?), and I’m putting it all in his hands. He’s kept me alive this long. His will can be done in these endeavors.

I find that I have more energy today than I had yesterday. Yesterday I was a spit-fire running around trying to adjust this and that. Today I am cleaning the house (more or less) and marveling at things I find that should have been discarded weeks ago.

Do you do that when you’re working? Do you neglect your house? I certainly do.

Now I have approximately five weeks (so they say) off and it’s time to use that time to get my house in order.

One son moved out this week. Another one moved out in late May/early June. Their rooms are disaster areas. One was changed into a storage room, but I really, really do want to go through all those boxes. The other one has left things behind and did not clean his room (neither did the first one, but with the storage unit boxes in there, who can tell?). So there will be things to find in there as well.

I want to go through my clothes. I have too many, but don’t like most of them. What was I thinking when I bought this? I frequently ask myself as I look in my closet. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have all this stuff organized and requiring less thought when I return to work?

So today and hopefully for the next 35 days, I piddle around the house and yard trying to make some order of the chaos that ensues when too much is placed as burdens on one’s mind.

Today I try to free myself from the mental energy sapping worry I so often do. “Distance yourself”, I thought as I planned out this day. Distance yourself from these worries and spend the day doing the things you’ve wanted to do for weeks.

Works for me.